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Are your products disinfecting or antibacterial?Updated 7 months ago

No, we do not make any disinfectant or antibacterial claims. We do not formulate with the biocides that are often included in antibacterial products because biocides do not meet our standards for health and safety. At Blueland, we strive to make our products optimal for effectiveness as well as human and environmental health.

Our Multi-surface and Bathroom cleaners are formulated to fight grease and grime in order to help keep your surfaces clean. We've been tested by third parties alongside major brands and you can read the results on our blog. Our bathroom cleaner does help remove stains from mold and inanimate scum such as soap scum. As you'll read in our customer reviews, people do seem to find our cleaners very effective!

Separately, our hand soap does help wash away viruses and bacteria. Regarding our hand soaps, while we don’t use antibacterial agents, there are several studies that show non-antibacterial hand soaps are effective at removing germs. We do include surfactants that reduce surface tension to effectively lift up bacteria and viruses from skin to easily wash them away and you can read about proper hand washing from the World Health Organization.

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