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Cleaning Companions

Are the Cloud Cloths/Scrub Sponges/Pop-Up Sponges compostable?

Our sponges and Cloud Cloths are compostable as long as they are used and discarded correctly. Just make sure you rinse them thoroughly before you compost them. Also, avoid the exposure of the sponges to harsh chemicals, which sometimes can affect compostability.  Additionally, our manufacturer has certified that the Cloud Cloths qualify as a compostable material under EN 13432 (certified by ISEGA, Jan 2011).

What is the shelf life of the Scrub/Pop-Up Sponges?

A fair starting estimate to replace your sponge is around every 2 - 6 weeks, depending on how often you use it. If the sponge/cloth starts to smell or begins to disintegrate from a lot of use, we recommend replacing it. Additionally, our sponges and cloths have an expected shelf life of about 1 year before usage. Because our products are dehydrated to help make them easier to store, we recommend storing them in a dry place.

What is the shelf life/how many uses can I get out of the Cloud Cloths?

The Cloud Cloth is meant to last up to 1,500 uses.

Dryer Balls

What are the dryer balls used for?

Our Dryer Balls provide an extra boost of drying efficiency to your laundry routine. Our reusable soft, wool dryer balls have been shown to help speed up drying time, help remove stray lint, and soften towels and linens. Our Dryer Balls are meant to be used in place of single use dryer sheets.

How long do the Dryer Balls last?

Our Dryer Balls are durable, and can last up to 1,000 loads! As long as the Dryer Balls are intact and still round, they are effective to help separate your laundry as it tumbles dry to accelerate dry time. You may start to notice pilling over time on the surface of the balls, but that is natural for wool products and will not affect the efficiency.

Do your dryer ball remove static?

Static in laundry results from a build up in static electricity or electrons when already dried clothing continues to bounce around the dryer. Our dryer balls can help limit static by reducing over-drying. They help circulate the heat more uniformly throughout the drum. Synthetic fibers are known to cause more static than natural fibers, so if you really can’t stand static, try air drying synthetic fabrics to skip the risk of static altogether.

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