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Foaming Hand SoapUpdated 3 months ago

How much water do I use to make my Hand Soap?

Making your Blueland Hand Soap is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Fill your Forever Bottle to the line with warm water.  If you’ve skipped our Forever Bottle, fill your foaming hand soap bottle up with 9 ounces of warm water. 

2. Drop in the tablet

3. Wait a few minutes, you don't need to shake or stir the bottle--attach the foaming pump and get washing!

For a visual guide, view our How It Works page.

Can I use my own bottle?

You can, however, in order for our hand soap to foam as expected, it does need to be paired with a foaming hand soap pump.  In addition, our tablets are formulated to be diluted with 9 ounces of water, so make sure your bottle is large enough for 9 ounces of liquid!

Do you offer non-foaming hand soap?

For now, we only offer our foaming hand soap!

Do I need to shake the bottle of Hand Soap to dissolve?

Nope. Just dissolve the tablet with warm water in your Forever Bottle for a few minutes--no shaking or stirring needed!

Can I purchase a replacement Hand Soap Pump?

With too much love, our Hand Soap Pumps may lose functionality over time. We offer free replacements for our pumps within 100 days of purchase. If you’re having an issue with your pump and would like a replacement within the 100 day window, send us a message by clicking "Contact Us" at the bottom of our homepage.  If you purchased your item outside of our 100 day window, you can find our Hand Soap Pumps for purchase on our site.

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