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Personal Care ProductsUpdated 7 months ago

How does the Body Wash/Facial Cleanser work?

To set up your Blueland Body Wash or Facial Cleanser simply follow these steps;

1. Fill: Use cold water to fill your Forever Bottle to the half round symbol on the bottle

2. Pour: Pour the powder into the bottle and close the cap

3. Shake: Shake the bottle for 10 seconds

4. Wait: Let the mixture sit for an hour to activate — then it'll be ready to use!

Can I use my own bottle for the Body Wash/Facial Cleaner?

For our Body Wash and Facial Cleanser, while we recommend using our Body Wash and Facial Cleanser Forever Bottles, for the Body Wash; you can use any bottle big enough for 24.5 ounces and the body wash should be diluted with 18 ounces of water.  For the Facial Cleanser; you can use any bottle big enough for 9.88 ounces and the facial cleanser should be diluted with 8 ounces of water.

What temperature water should I use to dissolve the Body Wash and Facial Cleanser?

Our body wash and facial cleanser concentrates should be dissolved with room temperature or cool water. Because you need to shake the bottle in order to dissolve the concentrate, if you use warm water, it will cause the air trapped inside the bottle to expand while shaking, leading some of the lather to spurt out of the bottle after you finish shaking it. As a result, our team recommends using room temperature or cool water to make the body wash and facial cleanser. Our concentrate is formulated to dissolve in any temperature of water with just a few shakes.

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