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How do I make changes to my Blueland subscription?Updated 5 months ago

To make any changes to your subscription, log into your account on our website and select ‘My Subscriptions’.  You can then:

1. Add a product - The Subscription page will present items that you can add as one time or subscription. **Note**: Limited Time or Seasonal offerings are not available as one-time add ons

2. Reschedule -Need to reschedule your next order? Under Subscription Settings, click the box that says “Reschedule”.  You can then delay for 1 week, 2 weeks or select a custom shipping date for your full order.

3. Order Now - Running low on all your products? Select “Order Now” to process all of your subscriptions for shipping now. 

4. Skip Box- Don’t need your next box?  In your account, click “View Upcoming Orders” and simply select “Skip” under your next order and we’ll skip this box and process your next one in 3 months!

5. Skip Product- Need your Laundry Detergent Tablets in this box, but not your Dish Soap Refills? Simply click “Manage this Subscription” next to your Dish Soap refills, when the product opens select “Skip” and we’ll skip them until your next box!

6. Adjust Quantity- If you need more or less of any of your refills, simply select the refill you want to adjust, select “Manage this Subscription” and change the quantity to your desired amount. 

7. Swap - Under each product, you can select “Manage this Subscription”, then find the product you want to swap in and select ‘Swap’

8. Change Scent (Oxi Laundry Booster and Hand Soap only)- You can change the scent of your Hand Soap or Oxi Laundry Booster by selecting “Manage this Subscription” and then selecting the scent of your choice in the drop down labelled ‘Scent’.

9. Cancel Subscription - To cancel the subscription for a given product, you can click into “Manage this Subscription.” At the bottom, there is an option to “Cancel Subscription” where you will be prompted to proceed with cancelling your product.

Please note that subscription orders are processed on the day of the month that you began your subscription. To effectively cancel your subscription, those changes need to be made by 12 PM EST the day before the order is processed. You can find this date in your account under “Subscription”.

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