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Can I purchase a replacement cleaning spray nozzle or hand soap pump?

With too much love, our Hand Soap Pumps and Cleaning Spray Nozzles may lose functionality over time. We offer free replacements for our pumps and nozzles within 100 days of purchase. If you’re having an issue with your pump or nozzle and would like a

What are the Forever Bottles/Tins made of?

Our Forever Cleaning Spray Bottles are made of Tritan, our Forever Hand Soap Bottles are made of glass, our Forever Dish Soap Shaker is made of Silicone, our Forever Body Wash Bottle and Forever Facial Cleanser Bottle is made of LDPE, and all of our

Is Blueland packaging recyclable?

Our shipping materials, and our Forever Bottles (which aren't intended for you to recycle) - are recyclable, while our tablet wrappers along with pouches are compostable. Should anything happen to your Forever Bottle due to unforeseen circumstances a

How do I dispose of Blueland packaging?

All of our packaging is recyclable and our tablet wrappers are compostable and biodegradable. Our boxes and packaging can be recycled curbside, our tablet wrappers and tablet / powder pouches are compostable and our bottles (if damaged) can be sent b

Can I compost the packaging for my refill / bottle?

You can compost the wrappers and pouches for our tablets and powder refills but you will need to recycle the shipping envelopes and boxes that contained your products. You can read how recycling and composting are different in our blog post.

What is the brown packet that comes inside the Powder Dish Soap / Dishwasher Tablet / Laundry Tablet pouch?

The brown packet included in your powder dish soap, dishwasher tablet, or laundry tablet refill pack is a plastic-free desiccant used to absorb moisture in order to maintain the consistency/format of your products. The desiccant is made of two eco-fr

Where should I store the Forever Tin?

We suggest storing the Forever Tin in a cool, dry place. We don’t suggest storing it anywhere where it may be exposed to water or get wet, as it may get inside the tin and affect the efficacy and shelf-life of the dishwasher tablets, laundry tablets,

What happens to Blueland packaging after I mail it to Blueland to recycle?

For our bottles and tins, curbside recycling is available to us to make sure to dispose properly of the bottles to give them a chance at a second life. For our pumps and nozzles, because they are made of mixed materials, we have set up a separate rec

How do I open my Powder Dish Soap Forever Shaker?

You can open the Dish Soap Shaker by squeezing the body of the bottle and gently pulling the top off! Please note that the Dish Soap Shaker is not designed for the top to be screwed off and will not come off this way.

Do I need to buy the Forever Tin or can I store the Dishwasher/Laundry/Toilet Bowl tablets in another container?

While we suggest using our Forever Tins, you can store your tablets in any airtight vessel you have on hand!

Can I purchase just a Forever Bottle/Tin?

Yes, you can find all of our Forever Vessels for sale separately. *Please note that any limited time offerings are not available for individual sale.